Restoration, recreation and reviews

We moved into a new house just before Easter this year. Suffice to say, the place needs a lot of work done to it. Thankfully, we have managed to get the front/living room sorted in time for winter, with some new (and functioning) radiators. It’s not completed (or decorated) but it will do the job for now, which is to have space that is warm and we can bunker down in from a harsh winter, should we be blessed with one.

The tradesmen who came in to do the job had to restore the room back to its original dimensions by dismantling a false wall that had been erected by the previous owner to install a TV cubbyhole and surround-sound speaker system.

Meeting good and honest tradesmen is always a wholesome activity. Down-to-earth, eager to do a good job, and friendly, they can restore your faith in humanity sometimes. Particularly when you consider the malfeasance and downright evil perpetrated by SOME politicians, public sector bods, corporate leaders and intellectuals.

The new-look room offers up many possibilities to carry out some Feng Shui. We have a piano that could go in the room now, for example. Do we place it on the wall that separates the room from the corridor? Or the one opposite the window? Or do we not put it in there at all?

Which brings me to my next point: recreation. Eager to get the boys playing music, I am conscious of the fact that they need to hear someone else playing on a regular basis. I think I stopped playing the piano when I was about 14 and my wife at a similar age, so we are quite rusty, to say the least. Nevertheless there is a clear window here for us to try and start tinkling the old ivories again. Recreation of this sort is good for the mind, the soul and the body. Of that there is no doubt.

Away from leisurely activities and building work, I have now written 20,022 words for my new private detective novel (working title The man who wore hats) and 9,030 words for my latest novella (working title Through open doors).

Well, that’s my review of the past couple of weeks for you.

If you ever have the urge, you can always leave me a review of any of my fiction on Amazon. Wink, wink.

Take it easy and thanks for reading.