Current "projects"

Hello everyone.

I am taking a little time off at the moment so this post won’t be very long.

I am currently working on two new works of fiction. The first is a novel about a private detective. Based in London, he is descended from the last King of Poland. He has family scattered all over the globe. He specialises in finding missing items and people. Trained in Savate and Wing Chun, I am toying with the idea of giving him a bit of a military background.

Some writers like to have a character quite well developed before they write a story, I am in the camp that prefers to have the story and character develop at the same time. I won’t give too much away now. What I will say is that I am at 14,000 words and my aim is to become far more prolific than I have been in the past.

The second work is another novella. The story revolves around an old man in his eighties who lives on in his own, is experiencing the onset of dementia and is trying to avoid being put into an old people’s home by his daughters. He has a bit of a tragic background story involving his family. I’m at about 5,500 words with this now.

My aim going forward is to continue the private detective stories and turn them into a series of books. I will also kick off a new series with Prez and Piotr (from Redemptio and The Dojang), who will continue their exploits as vigilantes for The Kwan. They will start a new dojang and run a business together as private security consultants for rich individuals in London and surrounding affluent areas.

Going back to my point about trying to be more prolific, this should be easier with the detective series and the Piotr and Prez double-act as the characters will be complete in my head.

OK that’s my brain dump for now.

Take it easy and thanks for reading.