Introducing Handzel's Hogwash

This is Handzel's Hogwash, a newsletter that provides updates about my latest fiction writing and some of my thoughts about a variety of things both related and non-related to my writing.

I may tell you about my progress with my latest work, recommend a book, talk about subjects that appear in my novels, etc. I promise I won’t keep sending you stuff every day. I plan to send an update once a fortnight right now, usually on a Friday morning UK time.

You’re receiving this because you may have at some time read one of my novels (The Dojang, Redemptio) or my novella (I Must Stay at Home).

If you don’t want to receive these updates from me then I apologise and please either let me know (and I can unsubscribe you) or press the unsubscribe button at the bottom of this message.

Thanks for reading.